newstalk League of Ireland A Championship

The newstalk League of Ireland A Championship for 2009 comprises 18 clubs. The league is divided into two groups of nine teams with each side playing one set of home and away fixtures. Following completion of the league stage, the top side from each group will meet in the Final to determine the winners of the Competition.

There are five new entrants to this year's competition:- Castlebar Celtic, Dundalk, FC Carlow, Sporting Fingal and Tralee Dynamos. Three clubs who participated in last season's inaugural championship, Limerick 37, Mervue United and UCD have withdrawn.

The two groups are structured as follows:-

Group 1 Group 2
Castlebar Celtic Bohemian
Derry City Bray Wanderers
Drogheda United Cobh Ramblers
Dundalk Cork City
Finn Harps FC Carlow
Galway United Shamrock Rovers
Salthill Devon Sporting Fingal
Sligo Rovers St Patrick's Athletic
Tullamore Town Tralee Dynamos

League Tables


Weekend 5 April 2009 - Series No 1
Dundalk 0-1 Salthill Devon FC Carlow 1-1 Cork City
Finn Harps 1-2 Drogheda United Shamrock Rovers 1-2 Bohemian
Galway United 0-0 Sligo Rovers St Patrick's Athletic 2-0 Bray Wanderers
Tullamore Town 1-0 Derry City Tralee Dynamos 0-1 Sporting Fingal

Weekend 12 April 2009 - Series No 2
Castlebar Celtic 1-2 Derry City Bray Wanderers 0-1 Shamrock Rovers
Galway United 0-3 Drogheda United Cobh Ramblers 0-1 Bohemian
Salthill Devon 2-1 Finn Harps [26.04.09] Cork City 2-1 Tralee Dynamos
Sligo Rovers 1-0 Tullamore Town [13 June] St Patrick's Athletic 2-0 Sporting Fingal

Weekend 19 April 2009 - Series No 3
Derry City 2-0 Sligo Rovers Bohemian 3-4 Bray Wanderers
Drogheda United 1-2 Castlebar Celtic Cork City 1-0 St Patrick's Athletic
Finn Harps 2-0 Dundalk Sporting Fingal 2-1Cobh Ramblers
Salthill Devon 4-2 Galway United Tralee Dynamos 3-0 FC Carlow

Weekend 3 May 2009 - Series No 4
Castlebar Celtic 2-5 Finn Harps Bohemian 2-0 St Patrick's Athletic
Derry City 6-0 Galway United [24 May] Bray Wanderers 5-0 Cork City
Dundalk v Tullamore Town Cobh Ramblers 0-1 Tralee Dynamos
Sligo Rovers 0-1 Salthill Devon FC Carlow 0-3 Shamrock Rovers [26.04.09]

Weekend 10 May 2009 - Series No 5
Drogheda United 1-0 Derry City Cobh Ramblers 1-1 Shamrock Rovers
Finn Harps 0-0 Sligo Rovers Sporting Fingal 1-3 Bohemian
Galway United (P) Dundalk [14 June] St Patrick's Athletic 3-3 FC Carlow
Tullamore Town 0-2 Castlebar Celtic Tralee Dynamos 1-2 Bray Wanderers

Weekend 17 May 2009 - Series No 6
Castlebar Celtic 3-0 Galway United Bohemian 0-1 Tralee Dynamos
Derry City 1-1 Finn Harps Cobh Ramblers 1-0 St Patrick's Athletic
Dundalk 2-1 Drogheda United FC Carlow 2-4 Sporting Fingal
Tullamore Town 0-4 Salthill Devon Shamrock Rovers 1-0 Cork City [23 May]

Weekend 31 May 2009 - Series No 7
Drogheda United 3-2 Tullamore Town Bray Wanderers 4-0 FC Carlow
Finn Harps v Galway United Cork City 2-0 Cobh Ramblers
Castlebar Celtic 3-2 Salthill Devon Sporting Fingal 1-2 Shamrock Rovers
Sligo Rovers 1-3 Dundalk Tralee Dynamos 1-0 St Patrick's Athletic

Weekend 7 June 2009 - Series No 8
Castlebar Celtic 5-0 Dundalk [11 July] Bohemian 1-5 Cork City
Derry City 1-3 Salthill Devon Cobh Ramblers 0-0 FC Carlow
Drogheda Utd 1-3 Sligo Rovers [24 May] Shamrock Rovers (P) Tralee Dynamos
Finn Harps 0-1 Tullamore Town Sporting Fingal 0-0 Bray Wanderers

Weekend 21 June 2009 - Series No 9
Dundalk 2-5 Derry City Bray Wanderers 4-2 Cobh Ramblers
Galway United 0-0 Tullamore Town Cork City 3-0 Sporting Fingal [13 June]
Salthill Devon 1-1 Drogheda United FC Carlow 0-5 Bohemian
Sligo Rovers 1-0 Castlebar Celtic St Patrick's Athletic 0-0 Shamrock Rovers

Weekend 5 July 2009 - Series No 10
Derry City 6-1 Castlebar Celtic Bohemian 3-1 Cobh Ramblers
Drogheda United v Finn Harps 21/07 FC Carlow 2-0 St Patrick's Athletic
Dundalk 4-1 Galway United Shamrock Rovers 1-1 Bray Wanderers
Tullamore Town 4-0 Sligo Rovers Sporting Fingal 1-2 Tralee Dynamos

Weekend 12 July 2009 - Series No 11
Castlebar Celtic 3-1 Sligo Rovers 19/07 Cobh Ramblers 2-5 Bray Wanderers 11/07
Tullamore Town 0-2 Finn Harps 12/07 Cork City 2-0 FC Carlow 18/07
Galway United 1-1 Derry City 11/07 St Patrick's Athletic 4-0 Bohemian 11/07
Salthill Devon (P) Dundalk 18/07 Tralee Dynamos 2-1 Shamrock Rovers 12/07

Weekend 26 July 2009- Series No 12
Castlebar Celtic 0-0 Tullamore Town Shamrock Rovers 2-0 Cobh Ramblers
Drogheda United 1-2 Dundalk Cork City v Bohemian
Galway United 0-4 Finn Harps St Patrick's Athletic 2-2 Tralee Dynamos[29/08]
Salthill Devon v Derry City Sporting Fingal (P) FC Carlow

Weekend 2 August 2009 - Series No 13
Derry City 0-1 Drogheda United Bohemian 0-0 Sporting Fingal
Dundalk 2-3 Castlebar Celtic Bray Wanderers 2-2 St Patrick's Athletic
Finn Harps 3-1 Salthill Devon FC Carlow 1-0 Cobh Ramblers
Sligo Rovers 3-1 Galway United Tralee Dynamos 1-0 Cork City

Weekend 23 August 2009 - Series No 14
Dundalk v Finn Harps Bray Wanderers v Bohemian
Galway United v Salthill Devon FC Carlow v Tralee Dynamos
Sligo Rovers v Derry City St Patrick's Athletic v Cork City
Tullamore Town v Drogheda United Shamrock Rovers v Sporting Fingal

Weekend 30 August 2009 - Series No 15
Castlebar Celtic 2-3 Drogheda United Bohemian 2-1 FC Carlow
Derry City v Dundalk Cobh Ramblers v Sporting Fingal
Salthill Devon 3-3 Sligo Rovers Cork City v Bray Wanderers
Tullamore Town v Galway United Shamrock Rovers v St Patrick's Athletic

Weekend 20 September 2009 - Series No 16
Drogheda United v Galway United Cork City v Shamrock Rovers
Dundalk v Sligo Rovers FC Carlow v Bray Wanderers
Finn Harps v Castlebar Celtic Sporting Fingal v St Patrick's Athletic
Salthill Devon v Tullamore Town Tralee Dynamos v Cobh Ramblers

Weekend 18 October 2009 - Series No 17
Salthill Devon v Castlebar Celtic Bray Wanderers v Sporting Fingal
Finn Harps v Derry City Cobh Ramblers v Cork City
Sligo Rovers v Drogheda United Shamrock Rovers v FC Carlow
Tullamore Town 2-1 Dundalk [23 May] Tralee Dynamos v Bohemian

Weekend 25 October 2009 - Series No 18
Derry City v Tullamore Town Bohemian v Shamrock Rovers
Drogheda United v Salthill Devon Bray Wanderers v Tralee Dynamos
Galway United v Castlebar Celtic Sporting Fingal v Cork City
Sligo Rovers v Finn Harps St Patrick's Athletic v Cobh Ramblers